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Privacy Policy - DevMyAsset


This privacy policy explains how we collect and use personal information from individuals who use our website, https://www.devmyasset.com. 


As a business, we are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of all individuals in accordance with applicable privacy and data protection laws.


Information Collection:

We collect information from users who engage with interactive features on our website or request a response to their queries. The information we collect is limited to what is necessary to provide the specific service requested. We do not collect sensitive information such as political or religious beliefs, ethnic background, sexual preference, health data, or any other sensitive details.


Use of Information:

We only use the personal information provided by users to deliver the requested information or service. For instance, if a user subscribes to our newsletter or submits an inquiry about our services, we will only use the provided email address to respond to that request. We do not use contact details for any other purpose without express consent.


Storage of Personal Information:

We are committed to keeping personal information secure, and confidential, and not retaining it for longer than necessary. In some cases, we may engage other members of our group or third-party service providers to assist in managing our information systems. These systems may be located in overseas countries. When transferring information to third-party providers or overseas, we ensure adequate levels of protection and compliance with privacy and data protection laws.


Use of Cookies:

Our website uses cookies, small packets of information stored by web browsers when visiting websites. Cookies enhance the user experience by enabling the website to remember users either for the duration of their visit or for future visits. We do not use cookies to store personally identifiable information. Our site utilizes the following types of cookies:


Strictly necessary cookies: Essential for enabling users to navigate the site and access its features. These cookies are first-party cookies and are necessary for providing appropriate content based on the user's device type.


Performance cookies: These cookies provide information on how visitors use the site, allowing us to analyze traffic and improve functionality. These cookies are issued by a third party, Google Analytics, and do not collect personally identifiable information. They only collect aggregated data to enhance site performance.


Functionality cookies: These cookies remember user choices and provide personalized features like region preferences or customization options. They may also be used to provide requested services. The information collected by these cookies is anonymized and cannot track browsing activity on other websites.


Social Media Cookies: These cookies are used when users share information through social media buttons or engage with our content on social networking sites. The social network records these interactions, which may be linked to targeting or advertising activities.


By using our website, users consent to the deployment of cookies as described above. Users can change their web browser settings to decline or delete cookies, although this may affect certain website features. Refer to the browser's "Help" section for instructions.

DevMyAsset's GDPR:

At DevMyAsset, we are fully committed to upholding the principles and regulations set forth by the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation, which places a strong emphasis on privacy and security, applies to all organizations that process data about individuals within the EU, regardless of the organization's location. Since its implementation on May 25, 2018, the GDPR has set forth stringent guidelines and significant penalties for any breaches of privacy and security standards.

As the Data Controller, DevMyAsset is responsible for determining the purposes and means of personal data processing in line with GDPR requirements. When Visitors engage with the DevMyAsset platform, our role as the Data Controller extends to the information specified in the "Automatically Collected Data from Your Computer or Mobile Device" section. Concerning User data, DevMyAsset operates as the Data Controller following the procedures outlined in our "User Data Collection" section.

Following GDPR, as Controllers and Processors of data, DevMyAsset is obligated to return or delete all personal data of our users upon the termination of service provision or at the expiry of a contract or agreement. The only exception to this rule is where legal obligations necessitate the retention of data.

DevMyAsset is deeply committed to not only adhering to GDPR guidelines but also to ensuring the highest level of data privacy and security for our users. Our approach to data handling, storage, and deletion is designed to respect and protect the personal information of our community, in compliance with both the spirit and the letter of GDPR.


We offer premium products and/or services through our platform. In such instances, we engage the services of third-party providers to manage payment processing. Rest assured, your payment card details will neither be stored nor gathered by us. This sensitive data is directly supplied to our third-party payment processors, who operate under the guidance of their own Privacy Policy when handling your personal information. Details regarding your purchase transaction will be retained only for the duration necessary to complete your order. These payment processors strictly adhere to the protocols established by PCI-DSS, overseen by the PCI Security Standards Council, a collaborative endeavor involving esteemed brands like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. The PCI-DSS mandates guarantee the safeguarding of payment details. It's crucial to note that our servers do not retain your bank card particulars. We neither request nor employ payment card information for any purpose unrelated to the settlement of payments for products and services.


Website Links:

This privacy policy pertains only to the personal information collected and used on our website. We provide links to other websites, including social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When following these links, users should refer to the applicable user and privacy policies of those sites as their data practices are beyond the scope of this policy. We are not responsible for the protection and privacy of information provided on third-party websites.


Information Sharing and Disclosure:

We do not sell or rent personally identifiable information to third parties. However, we may disclose such information in response to legal processes, court orders, and law enforcement requests, or to investigate and prevent illegal activities as required by law. Our agents and contractors may also have access to personally identifiable information to assist in performing services on our behalf.

E-mail: support@devmyasset.com

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